Inspiration and innovation for every athlete and sports lover


Nike is an innovative and special company and brand. The company was founded in 1962 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight under the initial name of Blue Ribbon Sports and was one of the first companies to create special footwear for athletes. In 1972 the name of Nike was taken from the winged goddess of victory, according to Greek mythology, and the logo of Nike brand called swoosh represents the goddess’s wing.

Nike company remained faithful to the mission it undertook from the very beginning – to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete. Sports equipment is made in cooperation with the athletes and incorporates the latest technology developed in Nike research laboratories.

Nike’s collections can also be worn by those who do not necessarily practice a sport, but who want a stylish casual, efficient and comfortable footwear or clothing product. All Nike collections enjoy international appreciation both among famous professional athletes and among those for whom Nike’s style has come into their every day lives.

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