Our vision is to become one of the 3 most successful clothing retailers in Europe by 2023

LC Waikiki

  • Our mission,

    With the conviction that “Everyone deserves to dress well”, we allow people to enjoy trendy and quality products at affordable prices.

    We want LC Waikiki products to be suitable for the style and budget of each customer, not to affect human health and the environment in which they are manufactured and to offer these products in line with customer expectations and needs.

  • Company overview

    Founded in France in 1985 where it would enjoy great notoriety, especially for items for children and adolescents, the LC Waikiki brand was bought by the current Turkish company, LC Waikiki Mağazacılık Hizmetleri Ticaret AS in 1997. Following the success in the home country, LC Waikiki initiated its first investments outside Turkey in 2009, when it opened its first store in Europe, in Romania.

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