The largest pharmacy network of Romania, where you can always find the right solutions


Established in 1997, Sensiblu company is part of A&D Pharma Group – the largest group of pharmacies of Romania.

The innovation, the concept of friendly and optimistic pharmacy where you can always find competent recommendations and the products that you need, made of Sensiblu one of the most valuable brands and the largest pharmacy network of Romania.

Well trained personnel, specialized counseling, direct and friendly communication with the patient, loyalty programs, information and education campaigns, a pleasant shopping experience in a friendly environment and social implication are the attributes that define Sensiblu.

Sensiblu advertising campaigns meet the customers halfway by trying to offer them the most advantageous offers, such as the campaign “Sensiblu takes care of the elderly”, by which Sensiblu bears the difference between the price compensated by the Health Insurance Fund and the pharmacy sale price of the products listed below, a difference that should be born by pensioners.

Furthermore, in order to ease medicine acquisition process, Sensiblu offers you the possibility to reserve your prescription by phone or internet for 24 hours and to calculate the price of your treatment in Sensiblu Pharmacies.

Sensiblu – we take care you feel good!

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