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Cascade Car Wash

Few things are more annoying than sitting in the cold in winter or in the heat of summer, waiting for someone to wash your car … well, at Cascade Car Wash this problem is solved from the very beggining! Leave the car with us and – until you do your shopping, or meet your friends in the mall – we take care of it to look impeccable when you come back to pick it up.

The latest generation installations for water demineralization, osmosis, the best cleaning solutions, qualified and polite staff and two areas dedicated to exterior and interior cleaning, make our car wash a unique place in Brasov. In a city with calcareous water (which dyes the paint in time) and seven to eight cold months a year, our car wash eliminates these inconveniences for those who love their cars, offering them the best on the market, in a time-saving formula, that also saves money and prolongs the aesthetic resilience of the cars.

Our complete services – exterior and interior washing, leather interior treatments, upholstery cleaning, car body polish, headlights and taillights, interior antibacterial treatment, revitalising plastic or stainless steel ornaments, removing bitumen or filings from rims and sills, window treatment – will bring the car into the “like new” condition, at decent prices for the service provided.

In addition, if the parking lot is crowded on weekends, we benefit from 15 dedicated parking spaces, you may leave us the key, and mind your business! When you return to pick it up, your car will be perfectly clean, parked in a safe and easily accessible place.

Our car wash is located in the basement of the mall, at level -1 from the street, within D area (purple color). From wherever you enter, it will take you 1 minute to reach us, the mall’s security staff can easily guide you. Enjoy your free time, don’t waste it waiting! Cascade Car Wash is in AFI Mall Brasov to make things easier and cars really attractive! Looking forward to your visit!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cascade-Car-Wash-AFI-Brasov-101241355110772

Instagram: cascadecarwash

Address: AFI MALL Brasov, Underground -1, D Zone (PURPLE)

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