Next to you for any sweet event of your life!


Whether it is enjoying a coffee on a hard morning, tasting a cake or choosing a cake for a loved one, Zoomserie is with you for any sweet event in your life!

The company was founded in 1982 in the Thesalloniki area, Greece. Over the years this business has expanded and is constantly developing. Here there has been a continuous increase in the variety of products, improving the traditional recipes and producing unique and consistent quality recipes.

Zoomserie’s cakes and ice cream cover a wide variety of traditional products, but at the same time, they have developed over 700 confectionery specialties.

The products are manufactured in our factory, and the processing stages of sweets are in continuous observation so that ZOOMSERIE offers consumers fresh products and exceptional quality. Zooming covers the needs of the market, currently distributing in Greece and 7 different regions in Europe, and since 2011 and in Romania.

The quality of our products from raw materials to packaging and distribution is guaranteed by ISO and HACCP certificates

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