The secret recipe of marinated chicken and egg pasta

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To keep fit, it is important to have a healthy and balanced diet. Only by consuming a wide variety of foods, in ideal quantities, will you get a healthy and harmonious body.

A proper diet involves a balanced consumption of protein, healthy carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. Your plate should contain all the nutrients in the right amounts and proportions.

Pep & Pepper comes to your aid, offering you a balanced and tasty meal, carefully prepared, from fresh and nutritious ingredients, by our skilled chefs, specially designed for a healthy lifestyle.

The restaurant’s menu is based on dishes from the tenderest chicken breast, left to marinate for 12 hours and prepared by chefs according to a recipe containing 14 spices, as well as beef. Pasta served in restaurants is also a production of its own.

Healthy food is also delicious. In combination with fresh pasta, rice or another garnish and a tasty fruit, Pep & Pepper offers YOU THE EATWELL PLATE!

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