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BOSS miniBurger

BOSS miniBurgers is a fresh concept, built on the experience of a team that creates and operates various successful food brands. Therefore, through its business recipe, BOSS miniBurgers stands out through great minimalist, yet complex store design, witty message communication, but most importantly, amazing food: phenomenal burgers, tasty fries and delicious sauces.

Mixing urban flavored experiences for the Boss*!

*it’s you we’re talking about.

BOSS miniBurgers brings you the experience of being treated like a boss with the 3G’s personal ideology: Great Food, Great Service, Great Experience – mandatory in this order!

Great Food. Killer mini burgers! A wide range of mini burgers to choose from, tasty fries cooked in 100% sunflower oil, and over 7 own-made natural sauces. The patties for the mini burgers, beef, chicken, and vegetarian, are cooked on the spot. They are own handcrafted, using own recipes and only with fresh ingredients. The attentive cooking process ensures a high-quality standard over and over.

Mini burgers with attitude! Give personality to your mini burgers by customizing them with one of 11 tasty toppings specially prepared, ranging from crispy bacon to grilled pineapple.

Great Service. Interact with the carefully trained personnel, polite and attentive to your needs.


Great Experience. Sprinkle a little ‘’bling’’ over your savory moments and you ultimately get the ‘’You’re the Boss!’’ feeling which perfectly completes the BOSS miniBurgers experience.



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