Market leader in Romania, Cinema City operates 28 multiplexes nationwide

Cinema City

Cinema City, the largest cinema operator in Romania, part of the Cineworld Group, is the second largest cinema operator in the world. Cinema City Romania has a total of 255 theaters, in 21 cities across the country.

The operator offers moviegoers the most innovative and coolest cinema concepts, available in Romania exclusively in Cinema City locations: IMAX (halls with the largest screens in the country, with clearest images and impressive sound), 4DX (absolute cinematic experience, for all 5 senses where you are part of the movie) and VIP (for the price of a single ticket, you enjoy a comfortable cinema experience in extendable lazy boy armchairs, dinner prepared by a chef, unlimited bar menu).

Thus, with each new multiplex opened and with each new technology brought in, Cinema City’s mission is to provide everyone with the best place to see a movie.





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